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  1. Аватар для -=alias=-

    -=alias=- Kai moku, tai maunu!

    Version 3.0.0 Released

    E-Channelizer, редактор каналов Enigma 2.


    - Clean user interface with fresh look and elegant graphics.
    - New tabbed toolbars organized in logical groups (Ribbon).
    - New toolbars in the context menus for the most used commands.
    - Info tooltips of the services, streams and bouquets (optional).
    - Support for the UHD services (H.265 / HEVC).
    - Support for the cable services (DVB-C Annex-C).
    - Support for the terrestrial services (DVB-T2).
    - Open and save settings in the zipped file format (*.zip).
    - Download services and bouquets from the web (KingOfSat).
    - Download satellites data from the web (LyngSat and KingOfSat).
    - Export satellites to a local file in the XML file format.
    - Delete services when deleting a satellite from the satellites.xml.
    - Filter services on UHD type and favorites.
    - Advanced bouquet search with highlighted results.
    - Change the parental control of services from the context menu.
    - Change the stream type (DVB, IPTV or RAW) from the context menu.
    - Better layout of alternative services with different display modes.
    - Show statistics of the current satellites and bouquets.
    - Search the local network for the connected devices powered by E2.
    - Rename and delete the groups of profiles.
    - Show the current service, EPG events, signal meter and device info.
    - Stream the current service.
    - Zap to the selected service or favorite.
    - Redesign and improve the integrated stream player (based on VLC).
    - Support seeking and show the current / total time while streaming.
    - Select audio tracks and video aspect ratio when streaming.
    - Change network caching (buffer) for smoother streaming.
    - Auto detect VLC in the application folder and program files.
    - Updated language translations, thanks to the authors.

    - Improved handling of streams and M3U lists.
    - Improved the quality and size of picons.
    - Give priority to the stream picon over the linked service picon.
    - Auto refresh the online status of all profiles.
    - Allow duplicate of profiles with the same host or IP.

    - Sort bouquets alphabetically.
    - Copy and paste streams into a bouquet.
    - GIF image files are not displayed when selecting picons..
    - Languages not loaded occasionally in the portable edition..
    - Other minor issues.

    Thanks To
    AIT YAHIA Idir, Clemens, DreamMuca, FRAP, GioppyGio, Huevos, Lulu, Luiz A. Rodrigues, Michael Pauser, Pan3o, Persian Prince, Rob van der Does, Satrunner, sirius black, spartak73, titovich, Vytenis P., wassa


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