Софт ALT DVB v 2.2 build B 4115.

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  1. Аватар для -=alias=-

    -=alias=- Kai moku, tai maunu!


    Today we have new Repack for ALT DVB v 2.2 build B 4115.
    Which is private version, not public and I has released a repack for it last year.

    In this released we have new improvement and some modified for GUI (graphical user interface) as Redesigned for it by Power_Man 16.
    Also we made some change in installation process to be easy.
    Finally, I will put the info for the Repack and snapshot for installation process and some snapshot for lists like Direct show and scan list

    second International Repack for this version

    New Repack with new Theme Redesigned and Modified By Power_Man 16
    This Released using the un public version 2.2 build 4115 to making this repack.
    All of modification in the Repack will let the App to be good performance,
    Lightly work in windows with DVB-S card the new and old types.
    After installing the repack in your PC, you have to choosing you Device and
    Modified you are Satellites with DiseqC If you have fix Dish

    Change Log:
    1- Support all DVB-S card with the latest updated BDA device file in App

    (For Sky star 2 card Version 2.6 to 2.8 will work with Dev_SS2SDK)

    2- Update Sat file For Nile SAt, Hotbird and channels by date 04/21/2015

    3- Add direct links to Update Sat file from King of Sat for most of sat in scan menau enjoed by that

    4- For Emulate cam plugins ( Vplug updated 04/20/2015 , NWemu 1.2.6 test versionupdate 04/12/2015)

    5- Sharing Plugins ( Acamd ,Hadu, and the old plug for newCamd server WinCSC 1.6)

    6- Dongle plugins (HaTy , Rplug this will be in custom mode it have a swear message when the App start )

    7- Add the Golden OSD v2.60

    8- Add Golden-Teletext 1.48
    9- Md Sound Recorder 1.00 (custom mode ) it will not work with all user like me
    Work with XP I thinks
    10- Dongle Server Plugins ( OBOX v3.30,ABOX2.7.6 ,MDBOX, CHBOX PLUGIN 3.0.0 custom mode )

    11- For Direct show it's ready for users of windows 7 and 8 with Microsoft filter and other filter it has added for the App

    12- Winlirc App for sky star 2 IR serial remote (custom mode )

    13- Some Plugin will be in custom mode like Rplug (RPLUG the plugin started with message (Swear by god Greatest, am will not use this plugin for watching the Erotic channels

    AHMAD ALBAHETH & Power_Man 16

    With our Best wishes & regard
    Date 04/21/2015

    ALT DVB v 2.2 build B 4115.

    ALT DVB v 2.2 build B 4115.

    ALT DVB v 2.2 build B 4115.

    ALT DVB v 2.2 build B 4115.

    ALT DVB v 2.2 build B 4115.

    ALT DVB v 2.2 build B 4115.


    #1 -=alias=-, 21.04.2015 23:39
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