Файлы E-Channelizer, редактор каналов Enigma 2.

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    E-Channelizer, редактор каналов Enigma 2.



    #1 -=alias=-, 26.05.2015 23:29
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    #2 -=alias=-, 26.05.2015 23:30
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    E-Channelizer 1.3.0

    Version 1.3.0 Released

    This is a features and bug-fixes release of E-Channelizer focusing on localization and performance.


    Added writing settings to multiple STB profiles simultaneously.
    Added support for alternative services.
    Added Arabic language.
    Added Dutch language, thanks to Rob van der Does.
    Added Persian language, thanks to Persian Prince.


    Improved performance and memory usage.


    Minor reported bugs.

    #4 -=alias=-, 16.07.2015 09:43
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    Version 1.4.0 Released

    - Added displaying picons for services and favorites in 3 different sizes.
    - Added selecting picons from any image format (png, jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp).
    - Added importing/exporting picons using service references or names.
    - Added transferring picons to STB.
    - Added support for subservices.
    - Added support for invisible markers and bouquets.
    - Added highlighting services from favorites list.
    - Added top shortcuts for the most frequent commands.
    - Added German language, thanks to Clemens.

    - Show numbering in favorites list.
    - Improved handling of misformatted bouquets.
    - Improved handling of cable transponders and services.
    - Improved connectivity speed and performance.
    - Updated all language translations, thanks to authors.


    - Missing radio bouquets when reading settings from STB.
    - Minor reported bugs.
    #5 -=alias=-, 09.09.2015 12:01
  6. Аватар для -=alias=-

    -=alias=- Guest

    E-Channelizer v2.1.0

    - Импорт букетов из других настроек (локальный файл или из ресивера).
    - Перезагрузка транспондеров, букетов, и черного/белого списков.
    - Импорт и экспорт пиконов с использованием обычного названия каналов.
    - Восстановление существующих настроек пользователя после обновления (v2.x только).
    - Добавлен русский язык, спасибо spartak73 и Qweeps.
    - Обновление всех языковых переводов, спасибо авторам.

    - Показ фаворитов как "<N/A>" если сервисы не найдены (опционально).
    - Улучшена функция копирования/вставки сервисов и фаворитов.
    - Улучшено переключение сервисов в ресивере перед началом потокового вещания.

    - Воссоздание пустых "Фаворитов (TV/Radio)" букетов после перезагрузки.
    - Зависание во время удаления файлов перед записью настроек в некоторые устройства.
    - Другие незначительные ошибки.
    #6 -=alias=-, 12.12.2015 09:13
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    -=alias=- Guest

    Version 2.2.0 Released

    This is a features and bug-fixes release of E-Channelizer focusing on the setup and favorites.

    New application logo.
    Windows installer for better setup experience (recommended).
    Open files from the Windows explorer context menu (installer only).
    Display progress and prompt indications in the Windows taskbar.
    Support hostname, DNS, and IPv6 in the profile configuration.
    Show/hide password in the profile configuration.
    Delete services of the missing satellites after loading (optional).
    Show number of bouquets where services are favorited (sortable).
    Show number of the other bouquets where favorites are existing.
    Mark and highlight services which are existing in the current bouquet.
    Allow to adjust the height of alternative services list.
    Added French language, thanks to AIT YAHIA Idir.
    Added Lithuanian language, thanks to Vytenis P.
    Added Polish language, thanks to Pan3o.
    Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.
    Combined the satellite filters with other service filters.
    Improved search algorithm for better results.
    Improved importing/exporting large numbers of picons.
    Bouquets not loaded if renamed in the "bouquets.tv/radio" file.
    Drop services/favorites into bouquets which include "<N/A>" items.
    Import bouquets if no settings loaded yet.
    Other minor issues.
    #7 -=alias=-, 01.02.2016 18:58
  8. Аватар для -=alias=-

    -=alias=- Guest

    201605 Feb Version 2.2.1 Released

    This is a bug-fixes release of E-Channelizer.

    Incorrect order when loading and rearranging bouquets.
    Installation path of the icon associated with ECZ file type (*.ecz).
    #8 -=alias=-, 07.02.2016 16:51
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    -=alias=- Guest

    Version 2.3.0 Released

    This is a features and bug-fixes release of E-Channelizer focusing on the streams.

    Support custom reference (dvb-service or user-defined) of IPTV streams.
    Assign DVB service to IPTV stream by drag and drop while pressing CTRL.
    Add, import and export picons of IPTV streams with custom references.
    Define the streaming / transcoding port in the profile configuration.
    Toggle match diacritical marks in the search results (e.g. Barça).
    Display quick hints for better usability and user experience.
    Added Latvian language, thanks to DreamMuca.
    Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.
    Naming of alternatives file name, thanks to littlesat & Dimitrij.
    Display '(no name)' for services with blank names.
    Improved dragging / dropping of services and favorites.
    Improved resizing of the main layout.
    Streaming not working from some devices.
    Display cable and terrestrial groups in the transponders list.
    Filter and sort cable and terrestrial services.
    Service not selected when right-clicking on the service name.
    Refresh the online status of STB when using hostname or DNS.
    Other minor issues.
    #9 -=alias=-, 22.03.2016 22:27
  10. Аватар для -=alias=-

    -=alias=- Guest

    E-Channelizer 2.4.0NEW 15 Apr, 2016

    NewSpeed up the load time of settings.
    NewRedesign and improve the "Edit Stream" dialog to be more intuitive.
    NewSupport RAW streams along with DVB and IPTV types.
    NewDefine the default stream type (useful when importing M3U streams).
    NewAdd, import and export picons of DVB streams with custom references.
    NewRename the picons imported from a folder using either SRP or SNP.
    NewFilter bouquets on type (TV, Radio, or both).
    NewAllow duplicate favorites in a bouquet (optional).
    NewDefine the Telnet port in the profile configuration.
    NewRemember the last opened paths of different file foramts seperately.
    NewAdded Portuguese language, thanks to Luiz A. Rodrigues.
    NewUpdated all language translations, thanks to the authors.
    ChangedImproved importing streams from M3U tracks/lists.
    FixedError message when editing the reference of DVB stream.
    FixedFiles renamed to lowercase when deleting the unused picons.
    FixedOther minor issues.
    #10 -=alias=-, 20.04.2016 11:19
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